What’s good friends, it’s been a minute, a good 5 months with no #Kondixion!!
Yeah, I know, that’s not fair and I apologize. The year has been quiet on a positive note for me with a couple of good gigs and projects that landed my way. Thus my time has been a tad limited with hitting the studio for recordings.
Before we get into the music, I would like to acknowledge and send my massive shout outs to all the people that have been supporting #KondiMusik as a brand. Either at the gigs, events or through the Kondixion tapes. The feedback is so highly appreciated as it keeps my musical drive on par with the notion of always striving for giving out my best out there.
Lastly, I can never be thankful enough to our musical fraternity brothers out in Germany. The Deep Inspiration Show’s Konstantin & Jazzman for awarding me the opportunity to fulfill one of my biggest dreams of touching basi in Germany earlier this year. This was a huge milestone for me as a spinner, one that I never thought would ever be possible. Which goes to show that dreams are not only for a mind but can be a reality if one works even harder to achieve them.
Thank you massively to the Deep Inspiration Show team for making this all possible!!

Right, now, let’s get into the music!
#Kondixion031 is the latest offering, I managed to bring in some damn fine tunes based on my recent collection from the last 5/6 months. As per usual, I just fuse in what I believe to be on standard form for the brand, at the same time I always try to introduce new music as a means of educating the masses out there.

Thank you in advance, ndolivhuwa!!




  1. Chuene says:

    I am only forgiving because there is a mix tape 😉

  2. PULE says:

    It is always refreshing to hear the sounds of Kondixion…well forgiven Sir!

  3. Mpilo says:

    Thank you Sir!!!!!
    The website on it’s own sure gives some peace of mind just staring at it with no new tape!!!!!

  4. Gomi says:

    Thank you for the good music my brother these are timeless cuts continue feeding us with them cuts.Shalom.

  5. nice one, always consistent!!!

  6. Chivas says:

    Quality music all the time

  7. Sivuyile says:

    Never let your friends listen to bad music…stay with good people,listen to good music and last but not list eat good food😂😂😂
    Good music all the way
    Kondi music.

  8. MalumJ says:

    I’m forever thankful to YouTube for “Kondi”🙌🏽. I’ve evolved as a music head and one can not go by without acknowledging a great spinner , extraordinary digger and the phenomenal selector that you are. Re a leboga Bradaman. Keep Kondi’xing us Grootman!!!

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