Kondi’xion 17


I greet you all in the name of DeepHouseMusic.
It is eminent that Winter has attacked South Africa but do not be fazed off as Music is thee answer…Kondixion 17 is yet another of my gifts to all the souls that have given me the reason to keep going. It is said that we all have a significant and unique ear to some certain extent, to me I believe this is proof through my musical journey.

I express myself through the music I collect and blaze out there and thus I would just like that to do the talking on my behalf. With that being said, ladies & gents, please give yourselves time to let the music sink in…Enjoy & please do drop your feedback on the comments box.Much appreciated, thank you 🙂


  1. Clement Herman Mlk says:

    Atmospheric Deep House!!!! Consistency….Dope 🙂

  2. Mr Elias says:

    The General never disappoints with good music. great stuff

  3. admin says:

    dope is the language, lets play good musik

  4. Sivv says:

    Yebo baba, YEBO! Right on time too.

  5. karabo mathibela says:

    this one hell of a mixtape keep it banging

  6. Deeper lee says:

    Kota koteng #touchline

  7. Ria Rocks says:

    In the ICU of deep #kondi

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