Kondixion Guest Mix 001 by Konstantin Olias

Happy New Year everyone. Grandest greetings and salutations to all of you. I hope and trust we all crossed into 2018 safely in great health & spirits. We still continue this journey of dishing out great music for the people. The kind of music that deserves to be heard. Now, today is practically history in the making as Kondixion releases the very first ever guest mix. It so happens to be an international spinner, who I highly regard on my list of djs I respect. Ladies & gents, please welcome or first guestmix from Konstantin, all the way from Germany. Many would know the brother through his Deep Inspirations Show mixes and he has also touched our South African shores through their tour in 2016. I have had the please and opportunity to spin alongside the brother when they visited the country. With his impeccable and unique musical sense, it was no doubt that I had to request this tape from him. Bafethu, without saying anymore, let’s get to his Biography and music.

Konstantin Olias Short Bio/Profile:

Being dedicated to electronic music for over 13 years now and since then playing in different spots, music has always played a very important role in Konstantin’s life. His preferred musical styles range between deep-, disco- and soulful house, but he is always open to other influences and styles and interested in almost any kind of music. While playing it is especially important to him, to let his current moods and imaginations flow into his sets and share these moments with others. Music has ever since been his greatest passion and next to catching the atmosphere of the location he is playing at, he permanently tries to combine his own style with various influences. Being flexible and being inspired by different situations or styles of music and not being bound to any rigid principles is very important to him in order to rediscover and appreciate the special feeling of house music every single time again.

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