Greeting friends. 
I trust we all doing great man. The winter season upon us and damn, it most def getting chilly outchea. Yeh, it’s been a tad quiet and mostly it’s due to this season. We all know most people don’t go out in this weather ?. Nonetheless, I have managed to find some studio time and recorded the 3rd edition of the Kondixion K-Lounge Experience release. 
Must say, the support and feedback outchea is too inspirational to some of us as spinners. For me personally it helps to refuel that urge and drive to keep on going, to keep on digging for these dope sounds that deserve to be heard. They it defiantly help me a lot in maintaining my sanity at times?????
Let me stop it already with the chitchatting, let the music rather do the taking for us. 

NB: shout out to all the Souls that continually help by being the sources of inspiration. The feedback and comments are highly appreciated bafwethu.

Enjoy the music.

One LOVE….





  1. MalumJ

    Talk about sanity?, I can relate. Just last night I was listening to the 2nd edition (on repeat) and I must say growth and maturity begets with such musical exposure, those vocals were killing me (I don’t know if they were spanish or french). I envy your sense of digging as a spinner (even though I ain’t a spinner), please teach me how. Highly appreciate the music, my selector????


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