K Lounge Experiment Vol4



Greetings Bafethu,

I trust & hope you are all keeping healthy, sane, safe in these hard & 
trying times.
I do not need to remind you all how this pandemic has hit us all hard. 
We have even had casualties and lost some of our brothers & sisters 
along the way. With that said, I’d like to stress out the importance 
of ensuring we all take all the necessary precautions out there. If 
not staying home & safe, wear that mask at all times and keep 
utilizing that sanitizer.

Well it has been a year since the last release of the Special K-Lounge 
Experience tape. This tape only gets recorded once annually in any 
case. In case you didn’t know, this is where Kondixion gets to fuse a 
variety of sounds together, ranging from Lounge “foremost”, 
Break-Beats an of-course my traditional DeepHouse sounds that I love 
so dearly.
K-Lounge Experience is the one time I get to record a 2 hour show & in 
the case of #004 I managed to fit in a total of 23 tracks. Now it is 
nit secret that these sounds right here help me quiet a lot in terms 
of maintaining my sanity. They actually bring a huge sense of hope and 
they kinda make one feel like all will be alright eventually, more 
specially in the current state of the world.

I strongly believe Music heals, and thus this is another of my efforts 
in helping someone outchea to feel better.

Enjoy bafethu, please do not forget to drop your comments as a form of 

One LOVE 🙂


2 Replies to “K Lounge Experiment Vol4”

  1. Mpilo Shandu

    Thanks Big guy!!!!

  2. Herman Mkhehlane

    Missed out on several shows the previous year.
    I’ve been catching up lately and the delivery never disappoints…likewise.

    My soul at peace.

    Thanks Kondi


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