Kondi’xion 10


Kondixion 10 – Website Launch Tape

Greetings everyone, welcome yet again to another exclusive Kondixion Mixtape offering.

Edition 10 is a highlight to the launch of my website ” http://www.Kondi.co.za”.

This is more like a welcoming mix to the website and also forms part of my monthly offerings..

Mix description:

My signature selection defines me through the music I most relate with.

Kondi Musik is all about the art of Deep Underground selections and thus this mix kicks off on that very same note.

Some lovely, mellow, underground Vocals, Dark Deep House tunes to seal it off..

More than anything, I believe that music connects souls.

I would like to thank every single person that has been on this journey with me by showing the support.

Let’s let the music connect us..

PS: Please don’t forget to drop some comments after listening to mix.

4 Replies to “Kondi’xion 10”

  1. El danzito

    I just did my first download ewu

  2. Holly Herb

    Congratulations Kondi, Loving the mix

  3. La Hidious

    lovely stuff Kondi kondi music

  4. Mabusha

    Lovely stuff Kondi, you should consider dropping a track list as well…


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