Kondi’xion 18

┬áKondi’xion 18

Happy Winter friends..
I hope & trust we are all keeping warm and safe out there. But like I said on the last mix, music is thee answer to such.1st, I would like to extent my thanks to everyone that has been supporting me on the mix downloads and comments. This really goes a very long way and certainly inspires me to keep pushing for more.

I am not a man of many words as I honestly believe that when such happens the music does the talking.
Kondixion 18 is my July monthly installment to you, as a means to show all the appreciation I have for the above mentioned.
This time around, I tried to have a bit of a chilled, laid-back journey but still laced with those rare, deep, undergrounds the same way y’all like them.


Enough with the words now, let’s just let the music do the talking..

Enjoy & please do drop your feedback on the comments box.

Much appreciated, thank you :)

2 Replies to “Kondi’xion 18”

  1. Caesar the Catalyst

    thanks for another therapy mr Usain Bolt aka Kondi Rusty is waiting

  2. admin

    coming soon..cant wait


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