Kondi’xion 19

Kondi’xion 19


Greetings friends…

Winter time is over and we are experiencing Summer in it’s worse state. I trust the previous #Kondixion tape has been keeping y’all on your toes thus far.
1st, I would like to apologize for the long silence, It has been quite a busy schedule for me. The gigs have been keeping me on the road most of the time. The festive season is also near us, I am looking forward to all the upcoming gigs/bookings “more details to follow”. I just thought to make some time for all my family members that have been supporting me by dedicating time for Kondixion 19 & i sincerely hope it shall fill in the gap for the silence.
Let’s just get right in to the mix, it’s filled with my signature selections as per usual. Most of the tracks herewith have been quiet significant on my latest gigs. I trust you will all enjoy them.
Enjoy & please do drop your feedback on the comments box
Much appreciated, thank you

4 Replies to “Kondi’xion 19”

  1. Kgoro Makgoale

    thank you for the healing music.

  2. CherryDeep

    Lovely mix Kondi. i love it

    1. admin

      Thank C-Deep




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