Kondi’xion 21

Season’s Greetings everyone. Kondi Musik would like to sincerely take this moment to send gratitude a and thanks to each and every person that took their time throughout the year to download & listen to the mixes. Also would like to thank all the promoters/club owners for allowing me the opportunity to express myself musically through bookings. I was able to play at some of the most respected venues this year in GP and other provinces. It certainly has been a very joyful journey and will hopefully be even better.

Now, with all that being said, let’s get into the last Kondixion for 2015. I couldn’t just let the year pass without cooking yet another mix for you guys. This mix right here is a 2 hour long rendition which features some of my personal favorite exclusives that I have actually never ever played anywhere this year.
As per usual, I prefer for the music to actually express itself rather than a detailed breakdown. All you have to know though is, this is yet another of the Kondixion specials.

Lastly, hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with your families. Wishing you all a great New Year….may we all prosper on 2016.

Thank you

3 Replies to “Kondi’xion 21”

  1. nka

    Best tape my bra..keep it up good work

  2. karabo

    You never disappoint bro ?

  3. Chuene

    Damnit…This mix is still messing with my mind!!! The track at 1hour32 minutes is putting me on my knees


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