Kondi’xion 24

Kondi’xion 24

Warm greetings friends. Winter is upon us, I trust everyone is well.
It is that time of the month to indulge in some Kondixion music once
again. Much thanks once again to everyone who has been supporting me, the
feedback I receive really inspires me and keeps me on my toes.

As usual, I get into my studio and put together those special tunes that
happen to touch my soul and I want to share the experience with you out
there as well. This music is what defines me as a spinner and leaves that
stamp/trademark. I went in deeper once again, some soothing underground
cuts buttered by those thumping real Deep banging tunes as well.

Please do kindly drop me your comments/feedback on the comment box.


5 Replies to “Kondi’xion 24”

  1. Tebello

    You never disappoint !! you play good music grootman !!!!!

  2. Clemzo

    Yah Neh, I’m starting to have a great trust in you guys. You guys play my kind of Deep House, Big-up.

  3. best deep house podcast in the whole wide world.You are blessed brother man.keep them coming.

    1. admin

      Thanx Mr Pain

  4. gaga

    thats fire


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