Kondi’xion 23


Wasup people, welcome yet again to the house of Kondixion.

First & foremost, shout out to everyone that has been showing me some love with the downloads on the tapes.Let us all embrace and welcome the Winter season in style in the form of Kondixion 23.
As always, I get into my studio every month and cook up what I believe to be my perspective and insight in my musical journey at a particular time.
By now, for those that have been following KONDI they would know what my musical journey is about. I express myself through the music in a particularly unique form.
The mix is all about DeepHouse with a distinctive flow as dwell into some rare cuts as always.

Please do drop your feedback on the mix comments.


Thank you :)

7 Replies to “Kondi’xion 23”

  1. Mosco

    Dankie Grootman. Too nyce.

  2. Zamani Zulu

    Pure bliss!!!!

  3. Mholi Sibisi

    Deep as always, fresh and always good, big up

  4. Thabo Muthwa

    I really enjoyed listening to this tape#BIGUPkONDI

  5. Ndim Lo


    You murdered it!

  6. city thapelo mongana

    thanks ma man keep it bless,i have no doubt with you

  7. Clemzo

    Wonderful mix but where is the playlist guyz?


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