Kondi’xion 26


I greet you all my fellow brothers & sisters, proteges, fellow spinners and everyone that has been supporting a brother with the mix downloads.
Yes, we are in the festive season and for me, another opportunity to offer my musical journey as a means to say THANK YOU. These mixes are compiled and mixed specially for you my brother & sister out there for your belief in Kondi Music.
Once again, huge thanks to everyone that has been following me through the gigs I have been featured in recently, much thanks to everyone with the feedback.

Since we are nearing the end of the year, this might just be the last offering from Kondi, however, it’s not yet confirmed, perhaps i might just put up another one before we jump into 2017.
Otherwise, please kindly check me up on my upcoming gigs either on facebook or my website.

Lastly, once again, major thanks to everyone for the support. Please download, listen and comment back on the mix. I did my best to elevate from #Kondixion25 taking you more into my personal journey. Some of us don’t talk much but this music is our best manner in so doing.
Thank you.



2 Replies to “Kondi’xion 26”

  1. Abel

    mtukana wa hashu

  2. Boeti Netshakhuma

    Thank you Kondi, just finished downloading as promise… Hard to get my ninja!!


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