Kondi’xion 27

Greetings & Happy New Year my fellow family, friends, supporters, fellow spinners, proteges and everyone else that has been downloading and lending me your ears through my musical journey.
It’s been about 2 months of silence on the page, I hope you will all accept my apologies in this regards. The festive holidays have been keeping me a bit busy and thus time was quiet of thee essence. I hope & trust we all had a beautiful break into the new year and already running with it in great spirits and determination.For me, personally, it has been a great one so far and I managed to invade the studio and cooked up my 27th Kondi’xion offering.
This offering is on an easy laid back tip, as per usual, this is how I express myself other than in a verbal form. Do kindly listen with an open mind and I trust you will enjoy the tape..

Lastly, thank you again for the wonderful comments, inboxes, calls and support through the gigs. It really means a lot to a spinner.
Please download, listen and continue commenting on the mixesThank you…

8 Replies to “Kondi’xion 27”

  1. Justice Shinta

    No.27 Killer Selection & what i like about every mix (tracks unknown )

    Keep The House Burning

  2. Lethabo DoggVirus

    As usual you didn’t disappoint with this tape.. Salute

  3. Lethabo DoggVirus

    Posted on my B day, Thank you for the Present.

    1. admin

      happy birthday DoggVirus

  4. Mosco

    Thank you so much for feeling me with such good taste of music mixing and art. Mix was super dope. Keep it up. iyababa as usual.

  5. Dayz

    heavy machinery ???

    I love this tape.

  6. Chucktailor

    Introduced to you by a Friend Msitjo and Now I’m leading him in the latest mixes you drop. You play good music

  7. cant download please help


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