Kondi’xion 36 (Birthday Edition)

Kondixion 36 (Birthday Edition):

Greetings friends, I trust we are all doing well. Amidst the world health outbreak pandemic of the Corona Virus. One can only just just hope that we all conquer this through all the necessary tips the governments have recommended.

I’m noting this corona content as this is a serious situation that the whole world is experiencing, we have all been glued to our televisions and radios with the hopes for positive news thus far. The only best thing we can all do is just to exercise all these preventative precautions as advised by the Health organizations. 
Considering that we might “possibly” see ourselves in self-quarantine, I managed to bake my birthday cake Kondixion 36, with the hopes that it will keep the spirits high in our own homes/spaces as we celebrate my birthday.

I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to everyone that downloaded the previous offering “35”. It certainly received some great reviews and responses. The positive feedback is very inspiring to say the least, much appreciated?????

Kondixion 36 is my very first tape for year 2020 and I hope is shall also be well received. It also happens to be a dedication to my birthday ? As per norm, I tried to standardize with the type of sounds I lay out on a tape, it is no different this time around. I mixed some of my current most favorite tunes…

Please enjoy the music bafethu, stay safe…ONE LOVE

3 Replies to “Kondi’xion 36 (Birthday Edition)”

  1. Mpilo

    Thank you Kondi! Be blessed and safe! Thank you man!

  2. Kondi please hook up us on hearthis.at as the website sometimes doesn’t allow us to download.

    From your loyal fan✔️

  3. MalumJ

    36:00min Fire!!!! Yanong wetsa thata Ta-Groot.

    Happy Belated BIRTHDAY..



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