I greet you all my fellow friends, family, acquaintances….
It has become a tradition form me to rock up in studio and cook-up a mixtape at-least once a month as a form of appreciation to all those that have been pushing my much loved passion in this very diverse world of Deep Underground House Music. Moreover, the mixes are a way to showcase my own personal perspective on my level of taste and selection with this much loved House Music. Furthermore, one gets to understand KONDI as an individual artist and DJ as we all know by now that every DJ expresses themselves in a very unique and personal means musically.

Without any further ado, I present you another edition of the Kondixion journey.
Edition #14 seen me dwelling more deeper into my day to day new tunes discoveries. The 14th journey introduces some sweet, mellow and thumping new music to your ears. As always, I try by all means to make one understand my level of selection, timing and mixing which all in all I consider as very vital as a DJ.

Please take your time, listen to the 14th Edition in your own space and do not hesitate to raise that volume up a tad..

Let the music speak to your Soul…

6 Replies to “Kondi’xion14”

  1. khabo

    Can’t wait boi to knock off n pump it my car.U have done it again ntwana.The more u go deeper I enjoy it most.

    1. admin

      hehehe, dont cos accidents please

  2. MIKE Max_Real

    the deeper the better

    1. admin

      we luv it deep

  3. deeper lee

    OK deep rocks #touchline

  4. Ria Rocks

    Bra going deeper than ever before #kondi


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