Greetings my fellow Brothers & Sisters. I Welcome you again to the world of Kondixion Music.

The month of April flew by too quick I must say and thus we have a new mix to look forward to which will push you for the rest of May.
Again, I would like to take this chance to thank every individual who took their time to download and listen to my previous offerings. The support really means a lot and goes quiet a long way, this keeps me inspired and intrigued to look forward to creating more mixes.


This is Kondixion 16 and I surely hope it will reach everyone well as I continue expressing my musical vision. As mentioned on the previous mix, every Dj expresses themselves differently through music. This basically aligns one as an individual to have a unique perspective musically. Now, without wasting any more of your time with all these words, please kindly take your time, listen to this current Kondixion in your own space and comfort.

Feedback is always appreciated.


Much love, thank you

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