Kondi’xion 25


Greetings friends, family, proteges, brothers & sisters….
It is once again that time of the month, where I get into my studio and
spend time by reflecting and dedicating my thanks through music.
We have crossed over into our Spring Season in SA and this as we all know
is that time where most of us start loosening up by actually going out
since it is no longer shivering outside.

Before I can dwell on the current release, I would like to formally take
this opportunity once again to express my appreciation to all the people
out there who have been supporting the Kondixion. It honestly is of major
inspiration to me as a spinner to receive such love from people in many
areas of the country. The past couple of weeks have been heavily hectic
for us in the underground scene. We welcomed the Germans “Deep Inspiration
Show – Konstantin & Jazzman” in true South African style and I was
fortunate enough to be able to tour with them and share this beautiful
musical journey with them.
Another highlight as well is spinning for a very proper crowd most
recently at Rockerfella as Maze-Mr. Pain hosted me. What an overwhelming
experience that was..
Lastly, to the Qwaqwa peeps, jeeeer…now, now, there people who
appreciate DeepHouse, but then again there’s the Qwaqwa masses. Huge
thanks to the promoters that side and the supporters for yet another
memorable experience of note.

On that note, please do join me at Kitcheners “Braamfontein” this coming
Friday 9th September 2016 alongside some of the best spinners | Mig Madq |
Uni DGeof | Kat la Kat. Brought to you by Just Move Records!!!

Enough about the gigs, lets get into the groove..

I present y’all with my 25th Kondixion Tape.
As per usual, the music I dish out, best speaks for me and it is of no
difference here as well. This tape has been inspired by all the above
mentioned events, I have selected a few of the tracks that take me back to
these gigs mentioned. I do trust & hope the tape will be well received.

I welcome all comments..

Thank you..

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  1. snarez

    u alwys deliver the best my deejay.big ups .a 3 hour set wil du lol,coz we cant get enuf of dose rare deep cuts


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