Greetings once again my fellow friends, supporters, fellow spinners. proteges, podcasters, promoters and every everyone else that has been lending me their ears on my previous tapes.

Man, it certainly has been quiet some silence from the Kondixion headquarters. The last tape was released back in Feb and this is all due to work and family matters that are my utmost priority. Please kindly accept my apologies in this regards.
I would like to once again further take this moment to thank everyone that’s been supporting the mixes, all the calls, inboxes and texts received are highly appreciated. The feedback on the mixes certainly lifts my spirits and gears me to look forward to the next release.
For now, I present you all with #Kondixion28. On this latest mix, as expected, some nice spicy tunes were digged. This tape encompasses and transcends from the previous release and gives you a glimpse into my current trending tunes that I just cannot wait to share on the decks.

I have to say, summer is already upon us, I for one cannot wait to be out there and share this beautiful music that deserves to be heard.

Please download, listen and continue sending feedback on the mixes.

Thank you….

5 Replies to “Kondi’xion28”

  1. My heart and soul are fulfilled… Great tunez you dishing in this mix… Salute. My Monday is made.Heeeee.

    1. admin


  2. Clement

    My Master!!

  3. Ngamla

    Loving the mix bro,,,much love from Rustenburg.


    kondi please send me link for kondi 1 to 10 thanks


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