Man, can’t believe it’s already been 3 months since the last tape.
First, I’d like to take this chance to send out my humblest & kind thanks to each and everyone for the well wishes since it’s my birthday vandag. In actual fact, this tape is my way to thank you all for the overwhelming and consistent support all through the years. The journey to keep feeding Souls with my musical taste wouldn’t be a possibility whatsoever had it not been for the support. 

Now, #Kondition33 is yet another continuing episode amongst many more to come. As per usual, maintaining the standard, if not elevating it a step further is always the goal. Thus, I trust this tape will also be as well received as per the others. 
My musical taste & sometimes thoughts will always be heard through these #Kondixion tapes. 

Please kindly feel free to drop your comments and feedback on the “comments” section. 




6 Replies to “Kondi’xion33”

  1. Chuene

    You left us starving 🙁

  2. Mpilo

    The file won’t load completely big guy. It stops at 5minutes.

  3. Goms

    We trust in you bro Kondi keep on blessing us

  4. Victor

    File won’t download completely. Tried using different devices, won’t go beyond 14%.

  5. Tshepo uwane

    Thank u for good musik

  6. Vumani

    I Love the last song on the tape, if you don’t mind can you please tell me were I can purchase it


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