Time flies man, I mean we are already approaching the 2019 festive
season. It certainly has been a great & musically productive year thus
far. Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and
every person that has been downloading and feeding back on the
responses. My last mix offering “33” and our last guest mix by the
dangerous Tronix The Chef were all well received. The download stats
are overwhelming.

With all that said, I bring you KONDI’XION35, which by the way is my
very last mix offering for this year. Ey man, it’s really getting
tougher to find time to put together mixes lately,so much happening
musically & personally. They say if the formula work, why change it?
Well for me, this applies very much on my musical selection & delivery
thereof. Ive come to be the spinner I am today all due to the type of
musical taste. So, Kondixion 35 takes off my last mix and solidifies
what I am all about. Well, I cannot explain it any further, so please
just grab a copy and enjoy some of my current most favorite tunes.


Till 2020

3 Replies to “Kondi’xion35”

  1. Gesto

    Downloading, I know you never disappoint Vho Kondi

  2. Mpilo Shandu

    Damn Damn Damn ….. I’ve been feeling the sudden to need to keep checking the site a lot lately ….Even my body n spirit knew that this is the time to start indulging again …. Thanks for introducing us to Tronix on the last mix! He’s also amazing. I doubted there’s anyone else who gets to your level Chief!
    You won’t believe that since 2016, I haven’t been playing or buying anything else but your work Kondi!

  3. Mpilo Shandu

    That James Brown situation kicking in @ 56:06 …. Yerrrrr!!!!!


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